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Transforming the management of alcohol dependence

How It Works


The Zenalyser® Treatment System makes it quick and easy to support and monitor a client who is prescribed disulfiram (Antabuse).  For the operating manuals, please click: Downloads – Information.

For an overview of the system, please read below.


How does the system work?

The system has 3 parts:

a Zenalyser®, a unique dual sensor breathalyser that detects alcohol and the metabolites of disulfiram on a sample of breath

a ZenDroid tablet – a computer tablet that connects with the Zenalyser and sends breath sample data directly to a cloud system

a cloud-based system – containing the ZenaMed database, which:

  • reminds the client to provide a breath sample
  • sends immediate feedback to the client of their breath sample result
  • informs the clinician and other interested people of the result
  • stores all of the client’s results in a table and a cumulative graph
  • enables the clinician to communicate easily with the client
  • keeps a photo of the client every time they blow into a Zenalyser
  • if you need to order ‘data credits’ (breath samples), or extra Zenalysers and ZenDroid tablets, this can all be done through the ZenaMed Data Portal

Zenalyser pic 2

The Zenalyser Treatment System can be used in clinic to check that clients prescribed disulfiram are really taking their medication.

It can also be used remotely.   A Zenalyser can be ‘assigned’ easily to any client.  They can take a Zenalyser and ZenDroid tablet home and be supported and monitored remotely.


Zenalyser® – remote use            Zenalyser® – clinic use 


There are a number of important  benefits to the Zenalyser® treatment system:

the Zenalyser® can detect a relapse before it occurs

  • disulfiram (Antabuse®) metabolite levels begin to fall
  • alcohol appears in the data readings
  • the client stops sending data

for many clients it is a much more convenient and cost-effective than

  • routine clinic appointments
  • residential rehabilitation

for the clinical team it can

  • free up clinician time
  • help  anticipate and respond rapidly to a developing relapse
  • help  abolish repeated in-patient detoxifications
  • provide a way to cost effectively deliver high intensity, long term treatment

it provides continuity of care every day, as it can be used wherever there is internet access

  • at home
  • at work
  • anywhere in the world with internet access

the Zenalyser® has a number of valuable applications

  • routine support and monitoring for alcohol dependent clients prescribed disulfiram (Antabuse)
  • post-detoxification aftercare
  • child safeguarding
  • occupational health
  • monitoring within the criminal justice system


For more detailed information about the technology behind the Zenalyser® and its use in clinical practice, please go to Downloads – Information.