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Transforming the management of alcohol dependence

Zenalyser® – clinic use

Using the Zenalyser® in clinic

The Zenalyser® can be used in clinic.  Every time a client attends for a review they can blow into the Zenalyser® and the system will do everything it usually does:

  •  give the client immediate feedback with an emoji and a message such as ‘Well done, good result’
  •  send the result to the clinician and all other people involved in supporting and monitoring the client
  • store the results in a table and cumulative graph
  • store a photo of the client blowing into the Zenalyser®

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Case History – 3 year follow up

Patient Q: a 47 year old General Practitioner with alcohol dependence suspended from clinical practise by the General Medical Council (GMC) after two drink drive charges. At commencement of treatment liver function tests were abnormal (pink dots = gamma glutaryl transferase).

April 2007 – May 2008: Pt. Q commenced treatment with disulfiram. His compliance was monitored in clinic approximately every two weeks with a Zenalyser®. Progress was excellent, with complete abstinence from alcohol. His liver function tests returned to normal.

May – August 2008: Pt. Q had a Fitness to Practise hearing with the GMC. He wanted to prove he could abstain from alcohol without treatment so stopped taking disulfiram. He relapsed quickly, and his liver function test results became abnormal again. His suspension from clinical practise was extended.

August 2008 – July 2009: Pt. Q went back on to disulfiram with regular Zenalyser® monitoring and again made excellent progress. After a further two year period of abstinence the GMC lifted his suspension and he returned to clinical work.

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To find out about using the Zenalyser® remotely please go to Zenalyser® – remote use

For more detailed information about the technology behind the Zenalyser® and its use in clinical practice, please go to Downloads – Information.