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Transforming the management of alcohol dependence


From a supporter – 15th April 2014

My partner has been using the Zenalyser for almost 3 months now. During this time we have been able to establish a quick daily routine that builds up both trust and reassurance. I’m reassured daily that my partner has no desire to drink and we build trust by me not having to question how he’s feeling, did he remember take a tablet, etc.

We are at the stage where I actually don’t see my partner’s readings everyday. Nor do I see the doctors’ daily response. I don’t feel I need to. I know that I will be contacted if something is not right. This correspondence is crucial for the person in the support role.

The Zenalyser program provides a unique service; it’s a real strength and it has been working well for us. However, every couple is different. The early days are difficult and trusting your partner is hard. But you can’t become their shadow and you must learn to move on.”

From a senior business executive – Australia – 8th April 2014

“After abstaining from alcohol for 10 years I fell back into a cycle of drinking that was increasing frequent and was damaging to my relationship and to my health. Periods of abstinence became shorter and I realised that I needed to do something that would help me effectively stop drinking and continue to do so both short term and, more importantly, long term so that drinking was something I would not want or need to do at anytime ever in the future.

The combination of taking Antabuse and using the Zenalyser on a daily basis has been an extremely effective method of helping me remain totally abstinent for the following reasons:

  1. Taking daily readings with the Zenalyser allows both myself and my partner to actively monitor my progress on a daily basis. In particular my partner can be 100% confident (either by looking at the Zenalyser reports/graphs or the daily feedback emails from the team) that I am taking the Antabuse tablets and producing satisfactory dosage readings on a daily basis.
  2. The use of the Zenalyser is extremely easy and what could be a daily chore is not so as the readings and the uploads in total take 2-3 minutes every day.
  3. Should I forget to take an Antabuse dosage (which can happen at times) the Zenalyser reading the next day will clearly show this. In this way it is a real help in creating a disciplined approach to the ongoing management of controlling alcohol abuse. I find this to be one of the key benefits of using the programme.
  4. The daily feedback emails from the team are a constant reassurance for my partner and me that the Antabuse levels in my system are correct and should there be an issue the team are wonderfully proactive at getting in touch to ensure everything is OK.

I would strongly recommend the Zenalyser Programme to anyone who wants to ensure ongoing abstinence from alcohol. It creates both a discipline within the user combined with a 100% effective way of monitoring progress that is of great use to the user and any other party who needs reassurance – be they partners, family, employers or health professional.

From a Senior Hospital Consultant, UK – 26th March 2014

“My thoughts on the Zenalyser include the following:

  • Using disulfiram provides a very effective deterrent to consuming alcohol.
  • Committing to providing Zenalyser breath tests on a regular basis significantly increases the effectiveness of this medication as the test results are objective evidence of compliance which cannot be falsified or manipulated.
  • Whilst having to attend for breath testing could be considered to be a chore, an annoyance or irritation, this is minimised by easy access to the service – in my case, I am fortunate in being able to attend on a weekly basis outside normal working hours at a time of my choosing and I am welcomed by friendly and approachable staff so that now that the process has become a routine, my visit is usually less that 10 minutes.
  • I personally have had cause to be very thankful for the benefit of having provided satisfactory breath readings as I was falsely suspected of having consumed alcohol and being able to demonstrate breath results allowed me to refute these suspicions on the basis that, if I had smelled of alcohol at the suggested times, it would have been virtually impossible to have been standing let alone functioning on those occasions – this knowledge provides me with strong ongoing reassurance.
  • I feel very fortunate in having access to Zenalyser breath testing and would be very strongly supportive of continuing and extending the availability of this service.
  • If personal home testing was an option in much the same way that home blood pressure monitoring is now common practice for patients on antihypertensive medication, this would be a very welcome development.”

From a mother of four, UK – 23rd May 2013

“After struggling with alcoholism for a number of years and following many failed attempts later to overcome this addiction, I welcomed the help offered with open arms. The care and support was second to none, and I base the success of my continued recovery on the combination of the on-going advice and support from the doctors and my family.

However, the use of the Zenalyser together with Antabuse undoubtedly helped me personally to avoid any temptation of a relapse. Just knowing that help and support was there at all times, every day, was so reassuring for my family and this constant monitoring boosted my resolve. The fact that I had a reading from the Zenalyser, which is so easy to use, on a daily basis confirming immediately positive results to the treating Team motivated and encouraged me to beat this illness and not to let myself or any of them down.

It is a very lonely illness with many rocky paths but this inspirational method lifted me enormously and I will be forever indebted to all of those involved in putting my own and my family’s nightmare behind us.”

From a doctor, UK – 22nd July 2010

The Zenalyser has enabled me to prove I have been and am abstinent from alcohol. I am more likely to take my medication because I know I am being monitored. Regular Zenalyser readings are very useful, as it keeps me in contact with treatment services. I particularly like the Zenalyser graphs.

I believe that regular monitoring would help other people take their medication and abstain from alcohol.