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Covid-19 and Zenalyser/ZenDroid equipment

By on Jun 26, 2020 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Precautions to follow when using a Zenalyser® or ZenDroid during the Covid-19 pandemic

When a Zenalyser® is switched on, the internal pump purges the system of any stale air.  When a client blows into the Zenalyser® the pump continues to draw the air through the device expelling any infected air as it does so.

However, we would recommend the following precautions to ensure that neither the Zenalyser® nor the ZenDroid become a source of infection:

  1. A clean breath tube should be used every time a breath sample is provided
  2. After each use both the Zenalyser® and the ZenDroid should be wiped down with a common disinfectant.
  3. If a client known to have Covid-19 has blown into the Zenalyser® or handled a ZenDroid it would be wise not to use either device for 4 days.


  1. The coronavirus is easily killed with common household disinfectant
  2. The virus can survive on plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours
  3. The virus can survive for less than 24 hours on cardboard
  4. The virus can survive for less than 4 hours on copper